series__系列作品: Drawing the urban space__描繪城市空間

(including 4 pieces____包括4件作品)
video installation & video__錄像裝置&錄像

This series of video works titledDrawing the urban spacestarted with the “negative space” beyond the substantial entities in the city. An impression of a city is largely related to its physicality -- the shapes and structures of architectures, landmarks, or roads as they are tangible, visible and touchable. In terms of the realms which are not occupied by substantial entities but with air flowing around, these are void spaces filled with untouchable nihility (just as the scenes shown in the video) and easily neglected by people. However, while we are living and engaging in activities in these spaces, bit by bit, day by day, we have left a countless number of breaths and intangible traces. Though it is so transient, they are the living and truest records of life. This work attempts to use the dynamic ‘brushworks’ – the moving trajectory of human beings and vehicles – to expose the intangible “negative space” in the city, thereby exploring the relationship between the city environment and ourselves from another perspective. While city development has created numerous large and tall edifices, should we contemplate the price our original “space” has paid for this?