faith in fakes vi – well-known city___ 對虛假之信賴 vi - 名城

series__系列作品: (6) faith in fakes___對虛假之信賴

2007, installation 裝置
neon light, chicken wire,  mirror, light bulbs, spotlights
霓虹燈, 鐵絲網, 鏡片, 電燈泡, 射燈

 “This is the reason for this journey into hyper-reality, in search of instances where the imagination demands the real thing and, to attain it, must fabricate the absolute fake; where the boundaries between game and illusion are blurred.”
                                                     from “Travels in Hyper-Reality, Faith in Fakes” by Umberto Eco

As everyone knows, today Macao develops in an irresistible rate. There are numerous splendid emulations of real world established around every corner of the city, like a serious infectious disease. In the essay of “Travels in Hyper-Reality”, Umberto Eco mentioned about the emulation of real word is fascinating in Disney. Visitors are self-forgetful unconsciously in it and believe it is a real world. Eco similarly finds, "Disneyland is also as place of total passivity. Its visitors must agree to behave like robots."

A fantastic and strange looking, but overpowering and inescapable “hype-reality”, which has been constructed with a meretricious mask, influences gradually on our thoughts, deceives our sense and instills an illusory and stimulating experience into us. We have become one part of the reproduction and the fake phenomenon. It looks like we are in the space of “virtual-reality” created by computer; our perception and thinking way are conducted.

Eco declared that the boundary between the real world and the fantastic space is vague and referred to “hyper-reality” threatens to cut us off from the realities of existence. Today, we all are on the journey in hyper-reality. In the real and false environment, how we could search for a lead that will allow us to identify the object of this pilgrimage?

After the work of “large-scale construction”, “under the neon light”, “games” and “to make your bet!” I continue to explore the boundary between illusion and reality under the distinctive phenomenon of Macao at present. The work will form a weightless, dazzling and fascinating space with the fake door and window made of neon light, the structures of “luxurious ornament” (likes a new model of building, castle or scattering flower) and the shaking light and shadow. It tries to present the reality of a place under the so-called “fakes”.

      選自「超現實之旅 -對虛假之信賴by Umberto Eco
眾所周知,今日的澳門,正以一種無法阻擋的速度發展,一個個華麗的模擬現實世界像一種嚴重的傳染病一樣,眨眼間傳染到城中每一角落。如Umberto Eco 的「超現實之旅/Travels in Hyper-Reality」談及迪斯尼樂園模擬現實世界唯妙唯肖,遊客置身其中,不知不覺渾然忘我,以為此乃真實世界。Eco同樣在發現,「迪斯尼樂園像是一所完全被動的地方,遊客必須表現得像機械人一樣。」


Eco已宣稱真實世界與想像空間的區隔已經模糊了和「 超現實」威嚇著將我們從真實存在中切除。今日,我們已在這一大型的超現實之旅。在真實和虛假的環境中,我們如何能找尋線索,辨認我們追尋的目標?

繼作品「大興土木」、「在霓虹燈下」、「遊戲」和 「買定離手」後,繼續以澳門現時這一特異的城市現象去探究虛假和真實之間的邊界。作品用霓虹燈造的假門窗、「華貴鑽飾」的結構(像新型的建築、堡壘或飄散的花)和搖動的光影效果編織出一個沒有重量、暈眩又吸引的空間。嘗試以所謂的「虛假」去呈現出一個地方的真實性。

2007  “Place – Act II, Exhibition of Macao Contemporary Art”, Macao.
2007 「地方 ── 第二現場──澳門當代藝術作品展」,藝術博物館,澳門。

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