painting is painting is painting is painting is …AFA Beijing____畫是畫是畫是畫是… 北京全藝社

series__系列作品:(9) painting is painting is painting is painting is …?____畫是畫是畫是畫是… ?

Site-specific installation (acrylic on canvas and wood frames) 
場域特定裝置作品 (布本壓克力和木框)

This work is a site-specific installation and also the continuance of another work --“Painting is painting is painting is painting is … Macao Ox warehouse” which belongs to the same series.

The description of “Painting is painting is painting is painting is … Macao Ox warehouse” is “Painting is painting, is wall, is floor, and is window and window frame. The painting is no longer just handing on the wall, but rather fuses with the building form. The exhibition site has turned into a part of artwork there is an extending mutuality between artwork and exhibition place. The canvas is not any more confined within the frame and is no longer the flat image carrier; it becomes the main visual elements to “draw” the real spatial structure and three-dimensional contour.”

Part of this work stuck originally on Ox warehouse gallery has been adhered again on the wall of Beijing AFA presently. And the rest part is created anew according to the interior structure of AFA Beijing. Therefore, part of this work is similar to other artworks that can move from an exhibition venue to another. That means, it has a mobility of showing in different spaces (This is our understanding of the paintings in general). However, the other parts tailor make afresh according to the characteristic of individual space, establishing a relationship with a particular place, which is so-called a site-specific artwork. This creation way implicates the concept of same series – all kinds of boundaries and semantics of art creations and media are blurred.