faith in fakes vii - tic-tac-toe___對虛假之信賴 vii - 井字過三關

series__系列作品: (7) faith in fakes___對虛假之信賴

video installation_____錄像裝置作品
21' TV monitor x 9, DVD player x 9___21' 電視機 x 9, DVD播放機 x 9

This is the reason for this journey into hyper-reality, in search of instances where the imagination demands the real thing and, to attain it, must fabricate the absolute fake; where the boundaries between game and illusion are blurred.”
 from “Travels in Hyper-Reality, Faith in Fakes” by Umberto Eco

Macau, a tiny city, is developing and expanding at an unimaginably rapid rate. In the twinkling of an eye, there are numerous splendid and gorgeous casinos and hotels, huge theme parks and amusement resorts and facilities erected in every corner of the city. One dazzling and magical “Ichiya Castle(1) has emerged in front of us.

Those resplendent simulated worlds, glittery neon lights and multifarious games are hypnotizing people’s mind at an unconscious rate, it makes people losing their perception of understanding the real world. The prospects of this quiet and tiny city become blurred. The original and authentic feature of the city is in a very slowly collapsing process. There is a feeling intermingling with palpitation, excitement, confusion, ambiguity and being threatened. The slowly collapsing process and the speedy and overwhelming city development have been establishing a relationship of gaming. My video installation wants to show this contradictive seesaw struggle.
(1)   According to legend, Sunomata Castle was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi overnight in 1566. Today, it is referred to as “Sunomata Ichiya Castle”. "Ichiya" literally means "one night." Toyotomi Hideyoshi, was a sengoku daimyo (the most powerful feudal rulers in the Warring States period of Japan ) who unified Japan.

選自「超現實之旅 -對虛假之信賴by Umberto Eco

澳門,一個袖珍小城,正以一種難以想像的速度發展和擴張。一瞬間,一座座富麗堂皇的賭場和酒店、巨大的主題樂園和休閒娛樂設施奇蹟般豎立在城中各個地區。一座璀璨和神奇的「一夜城」(1) 就這樣出現在我們眼前。

(1)      日本《武功夜話》記載了豊臣秀吉在1566年曾經在墨俁築起「一夜城」的奇蹟。豊臣秀吉是日本戰國時代、安土桃山時代的武將及大名。他最大的成就是自室町幕府瓦解後再次統一日本。

2007  “Time‧Space‧Flow, International Contemporary Arts Exhibition”,  Macao;  Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

2007  「時·空·流國際當代藝術交流展」,澳門; 台灣高雄市。

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